Yoga Mat Set 7 pcs

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Material: NBR, PVC, Rubber, Sponge

Yoga Mat Size: 183 * 61 * 1cm / 72.0 * 24.0 * 0.4in

Yoga Ball Diameter: 25cm / 9.8in

Pedal Resistance Band Size: 27 * 26 * 60cm / 10.6 * 10.2 * 23.6in

7PCS YOGA EXERCISE KIT: One set includes one yoga mat, one Pilates ball, one Pedal Resistance Band , and one jump rope. Yoga mat comes with carrying strap and storage bag. Pilates ball comes with blowing pipe.

Yoga mat made of NBR is light, soft to carry with provided carrying rope and storage bag. Both sides can be used.

RALLY PEDAL PULLER: Made of rubber has two piece pull ropes fits for legs, arms and seated exercises. Handle is designed with sponge to protect hands.

JUMP ROPE is designed with adjustable length. Handles are protected with sponge and designed with anti-winding bearing.

WIDE APPLICATION: 7 pieces yoga set for workout, stretch, and strength and relax. It fit for home, gym, indoor and outdoor.